Concussion Legacy Foundation

Team Up Speak Up for Concussion Awareness

Complete Concussion Management proudly supports the Team Up Speak Up initiative, which aims to reach every athlete in Canada.

Team leaders, coaches, and medical staff are encouraged to deliver a simple speech to their teams that athletes are expected to speak up if they think a teammate might have a concussion.

Team Up Speak Up isn’t just for coaches and athletes – parents, administrators, and organizations play a role too. Find out more on How to Participate. If you know a young athlete, make sure they hear this speech!

Last year, the inaugural US campaign reached 3 million people through 150 organizations. To date, the campaign has already surpassed those numbers in collaboration with many US partners. The ultimate goal is to have an even more successful launch campaign in Canada.

Help raise awareness of concussion

To participate, simply take the pledge, give the speech, and post on social. Together, we can change concussion culture to make all athletes safer.

The Team Up Speak Up program is developed by the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

Concussion Legacy Foundation

Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada

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