Why have a Concussion Program/Why CCMI?

      1. Maintain the integrity of sport –Sporting bodies are changing their rules and parents are pulling their kids out of sports; but they don’t have to!  Concussions happen across ALL sports and playground accidents.  The research is finding that it may not be concussions that are the concern, but rather the improper management of concussions that is leading to long-term cognitive, physical, and emotional problems.  In other words, we don’t have a concussion problem in sports, we have a concussion management problem.  CCMI provides a full-service concussion management program that follows EVERY worldwide consensus statement, including the most recent Zurich guidelines, to ensure that all injuries from your association are managed appropriately.
      1. Remove liability from the association and its volunteer coaches/trainers and put it in the hands of licensed medical practitioners – The liability of concussions should rest in the hands of specially trained licensed medical practitioners, not the volunteer staff of your sports organizations. Let the professionals make these vital decisions.  Also, through our new Concussion Tracker smartphone application, you are further eliminating your liability by IMMEDIATELY reporting suspected concussions to a specialized concussion clinic!
      1. Protect the brains of young athletes, and potentially save lives! With the vast research that is available on concussions it is evident that change is required. CCMI provides a proven solution at your fingertips to eliminate the risk on young athletes and ensure that another child or family does not have to suffer through a completely preventable catastrophic situation.
      1. Be a leader for your sport, its members, and your community.

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